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Welcome to the Official SMBA web site. SMBA was formed in 2008 by an avid group of cyclists with a common goal to improve and expand the network of trials in and around the Telluride, CO area. We are a non profit organization out to make our outdoors a better place for everyone.

Our mission:

Maintain Existing Trails
Establish Strategic Alliances & Relationships
Plan & Develop New Trail Systems
Protect Trail Access
Educate Trail Users

Latest News:

06.19.12 Trail work and updates:
We have been hard at work on The Town Park Pump Track lately but we are also organizing trail work days to improve local trails. Tonight marks the first of such days with trail work taking place on the troublesome spots of Village Trail. We will meet at the trail head at 5:30pm and promptly begin work. We are asking for as many volunteers as possible so that we can get the most accomplished. Tell your friends and bring your kids, all you need is a sturdy pair of shoes, sunglasses, gloves and water. We'll provide the tools!

Some more dates to remember:
Mountain Village Bike Park will open recently improved World Cup and Pan Coaster Downhill Trails on Thursday, 6/21. Official Press Release
Pump Track work will resume after the Bluegrass Festival has pulled it's operations from the Park. Stay tuned for updates.
Next Tuesday will mark the second official Locals Competitive Ride Series. We will run the Eider Creek - Deep Creek - Waterline - to the Judd Weibe. Riders start at the bottom of Mill Creek Road at 6:00pm and finish at the end of the Waterline trail. We will invite all competitors to the Corner House Restaurant for afterwards for food and drinks.

05.28.12 Spring/Summer update
The summer season is upon us! Every year we see more excitement building in the community and we are glad to help build the enthusiasm amongst the community!

New for this season, we will be introducing a series of rides, races and clinics that are open for everyone to participate. We are starting our schedule of events this Tuesday, 5/29 with a hill climb challenge starting at the bottom of T-35 (Sunshine Trail) at 6:30pm and going up the Galloping Goose and valley floor back to town. Be sure to get there before 6:30 to assure you don't miss the start. The finish will be held at the Oak street Park/Gondola terminal. This is an event for all abilities and will be a fun ride whether or not you are racing for the win. We will sweep the trail to assure no one is stuck with a mechanical or other issue. Please check out the event calendar for more information regarding this and other events coming this summer.

We would also like to extend the invitation to our next public meeting to be held on Thursday 5/29 at 6:30 in Town Park. We will meet next to the restrooms under the white tent nearest to the post office entrance.

We are still preparing for the Pump Track construction, we are hoping to see some dirt arrive in the next week with construction following. Please be patient and stay tuned for updates.

One last reminder:
To our mountain bikers and hikers: Please respect the code and be courteous on the trail, yield to hikers and EXPECT THEM AT EVERY CORNER. Until the rest of our trails open, we will experience higher than usual volumes on trails like Jurassic and Meadows. 
Some tips to remember when encountering our pedestrian friends: SLOW DOWN! Make verbal communication before you attempt to pass. WAIT for the hiker to FULLY MOVE out of the way - this usually is followed by a nod or 'okay' gesture. At that point, pass politely and say THANK YOU. 
Hikers, please be ALERT AND AWARE of the mountain bikes. You will hear the rider before they hear/see you and your cooperation is vital to a positive experience for all. REMEMBER, we are all out to enjoy the trails TOGETHER, any negative confrontation can ruin it for EVERYONE.

03.23.12 Spring update and Meeting Minutes
Following our first public meeting of 2012, we are excited to mention that we have a lot going on this year! Some of the big items are the following:

Town Park Pump Track & Skills Park
US Pro Challenge Events
Local Race Series
Youth Mountain BIke Program
Full Tilt and Fall Tilt Bike Races
New Trail construction; The Wolverine Trail (previously O'Relieys)

Catchup on some of the discussions, check out the meeting minutes in this pdf file.

First on this year's agenda is the construction of the Pump Track in Town Park. We have one more round of site walks to conduct with the Parks and Rec Staff. Once the final approval is granted we will begin construction ASAP. We are looking for donations of top soil if you know any one or have access to. If you would like to volunteer for the construction, the best way to do so is make sure you are on our mailing list. If you are not yet signed up, please send an email to us and we'll be sure to add you. If you wish to not participate in the email list, then keep checking back to our web site and Facebook for updates. Construction days will be added to our calendar as they are decided.

Don't forget to renew your annual membership dues! Your $20 goes a long wayto keep these projects coming! New shirts will hopefully arrive in time for our next meeting. Our next public meeting is scheduled to take place mid to late May. We'll keep you posted! Enjoy your off season adventures!

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